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Heavy Duty Resistance Band Set
  • Heavy Duty Resistance Band Set


    Is your chin above the bar?


    Our resistance bands are made for multi-purpose use. From extreme cross-training to physical therapy, Blisimo Bands are made to last, made to work with you every step of the way. Compact in size, easy to travel with, a great companion for both work and home. Each color band offers different amounts of resistance to match the intensity of your training.

    Made with high tensile strength rubber to minimize product fatigue, allowing you to focus on your training. When you purchase Blisimo you become part of the Blisimo family. Instagram us your success story, motivate and inspire others with your success story. We can get there together!!!


      • Durable and very eco-friendly
      • Designed for various exercises and movements, a great addition to your gym, health club, physical therapy clinic, or personal collection of fitness equipment.
      • Compact design allows you to take it anywhere you desire. Minimal footprint helps you reduce clutter, great for both mobile professionals on the go or quick workouts at home.
      • BLISIMO "Strength  Band Set" collection increases extra tension in your workout, forcing your body to perform at its optimal level. Instead of bulky muscles, these bands help with toning and strengthening without compromising your joints. BLISIMO bands are perfect for all ages learning pull-ups, chin-ups, ring dips, and muscle-ups. In addition, our bands are ideal for developing muscle memory and getting you to do those kipping pull-ups and strict pull-ups in no time.
      • You can also use our Shapeshifters can also be used for a challenging power-lifting session for banded lifts and mobility exercises during warm-up, recovery, and rehab. Instead of buying multiple bands, our 4x options allow you to combine them for the most efficient training. 

      Red Band: Dimension 41'' x 0.5'', Resistance 15-35 lbs

      Black Band: Dimension 41'' x 0.9'', Resistance 20-60 lbs

      Purple: Dimension 41'' x 1.3'', Resistance 25-65 lbs

      Gray: Dimension 41'' x 1.7'', Resistance 35-85 lbs

      Shipping Dimensions: 12" x 5" x 2.5"

      Shipping Weight: 1 lb. 11 oz.


      • 1x Gray Resistance Band
      • 1x Red Resistance Band
      • 1x Purple Resistance Band
      • 1x Red Resistance Band
      • 1x Travel Pouch
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